Artificial womb the NICU of the future

The first experience in life defines who we are and will become. Whether you are born naturally or by cesarean section helps to define our character, for example you will develop a more analytic and subdued personality when you are born by cesarean. 

Imagine you are a premature infant, born in the 24th week, while you should still be warm and protected in the womb of your mother. Now you try to survive in this distant loud environment with tubes entering your body. The negative effects of an incubator on an infant are enormous amongst which are, growth, concentration and bonding problems. 

I want to give these premature infants the same chances in life as a naturally born child. Sense, the infant incubator of the future is inspired on the womb, the senses will be stimulated in the natural way, because nature makes sense.

Industry: Health care Disciplines:
Conceptual product design, technology, medical care, biology 
Research location: Children’s Hospital Erasmus MC Rotterdam September till November 2016
Responsible for: research, concept design, funding process, finding partners for production, prototyping
Achieved: nominated for the Brains award, funded by Design management Network, letter of recommendation from GE healthcare
Partners: Eindhoven Maxima Medical Center and Eindhoven Technical University



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